Our Contribution

Keeping the planet green

  • At digital NFT books, as you can imagine we love books, and we also love the planet, this is why our marketplace is hosted by XOOA a revolutionary company on the forefront of reducing the crypto markets carbon footprint.

Our Blockchain Will Solve The Biggest Blockchain Issues

The Blockchain we plan on creating will resolves environmental concerns, drastically reduces transaction costs, and provides a scalable, reliable solution. With these advantages, our new Blockchain opens up countless new opportunities for digital assets.

Environmentally Friendly

With our new plan Blockchain will be one of the blockchain industry’s lowest energy footprints. Over the average NFT’s lifespan on Ethereum, it will accrue a footprint of nearly 211kg of carbon dioxide. Compare that to 2mg of carbon dioxide for an NFT on our Blockchain. That’s approximately 100,000,000x less energy expended. We’re proud to empower our users to capture the opportunities made possible by blockchain technology for countless NFT and other digital asset use cases while remaining environmentally-friendly.